“9/24 Philippines 3rd Day Part 3”

Now I will have an early dinner with my friends.

Philippine food restaurant in casinos‼ ️

I don’t go to hungry yet, so I ordered a plate, and my friend is a fish dish.

Because it is a Philippine taste, the meat is strong, I don’t want to eat it every day, but sometimes it’s a good level.

After the meal, I went to see Claps again, but there was no space, and it was full and exciting.

I’m sad, so I returned to the hotel here and took a break.

Again, I went out after 19:00, but after all, I was able to sneak into Claps at 21:00. ️😥😥‼ ️

Tomorrow is an early morning flight, so I will participate in the Cinderella state until 0:00 at the latest.

It is half the joy, half of the concern about whether to hit with time constraints. ️

The first 5000 pesos are cold, and 7 outs continue immediately after pointing.

After 22:00, the flow changed, and regulars from before the Corona evil were shooters. ️

Shooting until midnight with a series of chans. ️

I managed to return the 10,000 peso and end it as an end.

Return to the room and check the typhoon information with a worried mobile phone 😰😰😰

Typhoon No. 15 is a low -air pressure, and No. 16 has slow legs. ️ ️ ️

There is no delay in air flights and no shortage information, so I slept as planned tomorrow.

Go to a casino in Resort World Manila. ️ Unlike the Corona evil, the layout has been changed. Before, there were two table games in front of the first floor, two mechanicals in front of the counter. There is no 😓 😓 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 크레이지슬롯 台 台 台 台 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 People are sitting in mechanical, but I can’t see the operation, but when I bet, I can hear the sound of pico pico bet. ) Out, 😓 😓 😓 音 音 音 音 音 😠😠😠 😠😠😠 😠😠😠 😠😠😠 😠😠😠 😠😠😠 😠😠😠 😠😠😠 😠😠😠 😠😠😠 😠😠😠 I don’t see here. ️ I was irritated, so I went to my seat and searched for a table craps. 🎶 I looked for Claps hard 💦 😊 😃 く く く く く く く く く く く く く く く くThere was a casino, and there was one on the first floor. The photo was bridge from the building where the casino was there, so that photo. However, Claps is crowded and crowded. I can’t help but wait while hitting mechanical claps, slots, etc. … ️ ️ ️ While waiting, you will be brought in 20,000 pesos in a blink of an eye.

The fifth episode of the Friday drama “Ishiko and Hanio-Do you sue with such a thing?” It will be broadcast on Friday 12th. The drama is a rare high school graduate lawyer who passed the bar exam with Ishida Glass (Arimura), a graduate of the University of Tokyo, “Ishido”, “Hano Haneoka” Yoshio Haneoka (Nakamura) Combination that can occur for everyone. “Legal Entertainment” that challenges trouble. [Photo] It looks good to Great Gl if you are gloves! Eiji Akan “Oba”, which helps the garden work, has created the Friday drama “Annual” (2018), “MIU404” (2020), and “Beloved” (2021, all three works). Producer Junko Arai, director Ayuko Tsukahara, and the two writer, Seiji Nishida, who will be the first tag, is a completely original drama. In addition, Ishigo’s high school age and a part -time job in the tide legal affairs, Eiji Aken, and the director of Shiosaki Keisuke Shiozaki, who works in “Soba Shiozaki”, is the director of the Shido Law Office. Masashi Sada is also appearing as his father, Shokuro. (Hereafter, it includes spoilers) In the fourth episode broadcast on August 5, Ichina (Ai Ikumi), who had an accident on an electric kickboard, and Ishigo and Hanio to save her sister, Emi (Yuri). The appearance was drawn. The issue was the perpetrator of the accident, Ichina, and the victim, Shinjo, “Which is lying?” Meanwhile, on SNS, the behavior of the love that led the incident to resolve the action was “crying”. In this consultation, Shinjo, who fell on a electric kickboard driven by Ichina, suddenly changed after returning home. Police investigated as a runaway case, and Ichina was arrested. Ichina explains, “I immediately rushed to a man,” but Shinjo’s wife claimed to run away. While the opinions of the two were different, it was revealed that there was a delin after a trial involving Ichina in a traffic accident. At a later date, Shinjo, who woke up, also testified that he had died and died, and his sister’s painting would pay 10 million yen. However, as the investigation progresses, it turns out that Shinjo’s wife is a former prosecutor’s daughter, and that Shinjo was in an illegal casino store just before the accident. ■ “Sister bonds” that does not shake … The truth of the truth is that Ishigo and Hano gather information patiently, while their sister’s paintings are two weeks before the trial, witnessing the accident every night in an accident. He was distributing a villa to search for. My sister never escapes, and the bonds of sisters who do not shake grab a clue to resolving the case. My sister’s actions are spread on SNS, and I get a drive recorder video from the truck driver who was parked on the street near the site on the day of the accident. It was clearly recorded at the moment they contacted, the scene where Ichina rushed to Shinjo, and the appearance of calling an ambulance. The big “love” transmitted from the large tears that the sisters flowed, “I cried …” “I was good at acting as a real sister”, “Even if you cast two people, alcohol. The more you want to give, the too great. ” In addition, Hano, who was also trial based on the “script” prepared by Ishiko this time. In the scene where the truth is revealed, as before, as before, Ishigo and Hanio are alternately explained. Meanwhile, Hao, who is not good at applying, introduces Ishigo as “my” partner “paralegal”. A single word ad lib was a scene where Hanio felt strongly. ■ Solve your neighborhood trouble! Episode 5 Synopsis Episode 5 -Shiozaki (Oda Oda), a soba store, came to consult. My uncle Shigeno (Nakamura Umejaku) is said to be in trouble because the trees in the house next door extend to their homes, and a large number of caterpillars are generated. Ishigo (Kazumi Arimura) and Hanio (Yongya Nakamura) visited the neighbor of the Shigeno family, Manjue (Kazuki Jun), and asked for cutting the growing branches. It seemed that the problem was solved, but at a later date, the documents will be received from Manjue to Shigeno to request an alimony by piano noise. Meanwhile, Ishigo, who was working with Oba (Eiji Akan), suddenly complained of abdominal pain and was carried to the hospital. -The story is drawn. ■ Oba piggyback … The notice video that can be watched on the official website of “I want you to be rewarded by the premonition of the confession” is a telop saying “Garden trees invaded and neighborhood troubles …!?” The appearance of Ishiko and Hanio who hear the situation from. In addition, there are voices that 더나인카지노 say, “I will confess if I decide to find a job.” The relationship between Ishiko and Oba, which has difficulty progress, may change. At the end of the video, two people, “Ishiba Combi is a crisis of dissolution!?”, And two people, a terrible mood. Fans who watched the preview videos have said, “The garden trees trouble next door! There is a house …” “Will you finally confess? I want you to be rewarded.” “Ishiko and Hanio -Do you sue with such a thing?” The fifth episode will be broadcast from 10:00 p.m. on August 12 (Fri).