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Anais Ku

Where is your passage? Anais Ku

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Episode 04 Coloan Village Coloan Village Current Written

One day in Bangkok

04 /15

If you go to Macau, you can stop by

Afternoon in Macau Travel Coloan Village

A good town to take pictures

Coloan Village in Macau with pretty colors

If you go to Macau, you can stop by


I went 3 times in Hong Kong. Macau went only twice when he first went, but when he went to Hong Kong on the day, he went to Ferry on the day. It is a good idea to stay in a leisurely look at Macau.

It’s been a long time ago

It seems to be because it is a colony of Portugal.

The color also comes from the distinctive tone and tone.

If you look at this scene, the terrace of Gogh’s night

Doesn’t it come to mind?

Of course, it was a French Arrol, but Arr, Avignon is good, but Europe is far away.

It is not easy to go to Paris, France, to Avignon Aron.

Why don’t you come to see this landscape?

This place is 바카라 currently used as a police box, but

It looks like this pretty pink. The police also stopped shooting …

Local food selling place

The beautiful neighborhood is just good to walk, but after returning like this,

If you look at it then, when those times come to mind,

I feel like I’m moving to the space there


Portugal only went to Lisbon, but

I felt strangely connected.

The tone of color is similar and in the building style, etc.

The cool calm of coming is good, so two places again

I want to go.

A walking trip along the road


Even if you walk

You can follow that road.

At this time, you don’t need Google Maps and no big map.

Just follow your heart.

Old town

It’s rare, so it’s completely different from Hong Kong, but it’s more friendly here.

Leave a picture in front of the old mini

Old mini -turquoise small car and red appearance

A place where the house goes well with complementary colors


The Department of Literature and Information Science

I am from. That’s why the beautiful world

I want to go to the library a lot.

New York Public Library

San Francisco library affection.

for a long time

When traveling to a new city, there is a habit of visiting the library of the city, so if you stay for a long time, you can even make a library card.

I borrowed books or DVDs.

Now is

Haeundae Library I live in, especially here

The feeling of udon branch is like Macau’s place

It looks like. Only size haha

At sunset, it’s beautiful everywhere

It was the time here.

Something vague afternoon

It’s been a long time since I’ve been looking for it in a few years, but the feeling I feel like it is the same, so I didn’t seem to change.

Alley Alley Baby Self Fun

Coloan Village Coloane Village

If you are traveling to Macau, please go once


Sentence: Yoichi Furuya, 2022, 2022, Japan’s largest indie game festival Bitsummit X-ROADS (Bit Summit Cross Road) was held at the Kyoto City Shogakukan Miyakome. On August 7, the second day of the exhibition, “Shuhei Yoshida’s indie game introduction COFFEE STAIN STUDIOS New introduction” Goat Simulator 3 “” was held. See [Article Image (8 sheets)] His Sony Interactive Entertainment Indie Indies, Shuhei Yoshida, the representative of his initiative, to introduce the topical work “GOAT SIMULATOR 3” that was announced the other day. 。 At the venue, CEO of COFFEE STAIN NORTH, Sebastian Ericsson, 동행복권파워볼 and Creative Director Santiago Ferrero, who are in charge of the development of GOAT SIMULATOR 3, spoke to a fun talk with Yoshida. Mr. Yoshida first wanted to be in question, but the sequel to “1” would be “2” but “3”. On the other hand, “If you intend to make” 2 “and somehow gave the name” 3 “(provisionally), it was going to be” 3 “and it was already too late and could not be changed. Ta “. In response to a reply that I don’t understand, I don’t understand, Mr. Yoshida said, “I was wrapped in smoke (laughs).” It is a reply that seems to be the developer of “GOAT SIMULATOR”. Subsequent, Sebastian Ericsson and Santiago Ferrero introduced Goat Simulator 3. First of all, this work explained that development started with online multiplayer at the basis. This work, which can be played with up to four animals, says, “It’s really fun to play with friends.” This work has seven unique mini -games, and if you want to play a mini game, you can always pull your friends. One of the mini -games revealed at this time seems to be able to play in the field and soccer field in soccer. Another mini -game that has been revealed is a game like a high demon. According to Yoshida, “It feels like you can play” Fall Guys “?” In addition, this work, where you can enjoy a sandbox -like enjoyment, is available in a vast new world that is worth exploring. In Coffee Stain North, which determines the size of the map in a goat unit, it says that the goat is 18 times the size compared to the previous work (that is, 18 times). It seems that a huge number of quests are prepared to match the bigger world. In addition, there are many things that can be destroyed. In this work, you can play with elements such as fire and electricity. For example, when a goat with an electric constitution rides a car, the car is electrical and speeds up. When it responds to electricity, it seems that players can play as they like, such as being able to fire an electric shock bolt. By the way, the platform for “GOAT SIMULATOR 3” is PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, PC, and does not support PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Mr. Yoshida’s sharp question, “Is it necessary to have a high specifications to entertain in a vast world?” I want to be able to respond to all objects. This work is attractive with a fluffy gameplay, but the shadow seems to have a solid backing. Customization was picked up as one of the features of “Goat Simulator 3”. In this work, there are seven customizable slots, and nine types of goats appear. There is also a “delicious goat” (I wonder if it’s a pig). In addition, Mr. Yoshida’s accurate follow -up (?) And said, “There is a giraffe in this world, but it is called” tall goat “. This work has more than 300 goats -only gears, and some gears have their own abilities. “There are some major things that can hit fireworks and the length of things. It is a variety of things that can not be used at all. By the way, it was installed in” 1 “from Mr. Yoshida, Regarding whether the jet pack is installed in “3”, “Yes!” It is said that items with abilities can create unexpected collaborations. For example, if you equip an item that emits fish and the items that emit flames together, you will say, “release fish with flames.” As mentioned earlier, “you can play with elements such as fire and electricity”, but in this work, it seems fun to play with various things. “Goat Simulator 3” was made by 25 people, but there were 25 people, “How was it?” He explained that he was developing a title of this size, but he explained, “It wasn’t the only way to continue for dozens of hours.” “I was working with passion for game development, so it may have been affected.” “GOAT SIMULATOR” is characterized by jokes, but when asked by Mr. Yoshida, “GOAT SIMULATOR 3” has a variety of jokes because “Jokes are not received by everyone. So it is a game that anyone can enjoy. ” This work has been developed for five years, and it is said that new ideas are still born. “Goat Simulator 3”, which shows that creators are developing while having fun, will be released on November 17!