Episode 12

I thought I could eat Chinese dishes different from Hong Kong. But not. There was no one cooker. This is because the revolution has destroyed the class where you can eat real Chinese cuisine. So all the outstanding cookers went to Hong Kong or Taiwan.

– 『Gourmet 中. Ebisa and Yasuhiro 』

The night view of Hong Kong could not take away my heart. But if someone asks me if I will go back to Hong Kong, I will answer yes without hesitation.

Why? Duck mango flower bread was delicious.

Beijing Duck, which I ate in China, was not my taste. Nevertheless, one more time in Hong Kong, I challenged duck meat was because of my friend’s strong recommendation. Be sure to eat. I put ‘’ ’twice, 바카라사이트/a> but it didn’t seem to pretend I didn’t know.

I did not pretend I didn’t know.

Fluffy and soft flower bread. Duck meat with honey. And mango stewed between meat and meat. This was a combination that I wanted to go. I’m hesitant about how to eat, but a chef stood next to me. The chef cuts the flower bread in half and put it in the middle of the duck and mango stew. I bite about half in a bite.

Duck and mango. I didn’t know they would go so well.

‘Duck Mango Flower Bread’ is said to be arranged for Cantonese cuisine.

Hong Kong is close to the south of Guangdong Guangdong. The language used in Hong Kong is also the highest proportion of Cantonese. The same is true for food. Cooking in Guangdong is boring and less oil than other regions in China. It is also the most common dish of Western recipes in China, because the Guangdong region has been active in foreign countries such as Spain and Portugal since the 16th century. That’s why Guangdong is recognized as food in China. There is a word that ‘in Shanghai, buy clothes, go to Guangdong and eat.’ Hong Kong, which is called “Heaven of Gourmet” and has become a collection of restaurants around the world, but the Cantonese restaurant is by far. The level is also high. Many Cantonese specialty shops have a star of Michelin Michelin.

About an hour in Hong Kong, you can meet a different Cantonese dish in Macau, where you can ride a ferry. Macau has been a Portuguese colony for about 450 years until 1999. As a result, Chinese cuisine was made with European recipes centered on Portugal. It is the so -called Macaniz Food Macanese Food. Duck Rice Baked Duck Rice, which is grilled with sausage and rice and filled with duck meat below it, and seafood rice (Marsku Arroz de Marisco), which is boiled with various seafood in tomato puree. In addition, if you eat vanilla cream and cracker powder stacked, you can eat cake cake cakes or seradura.

When I walk around Macau, I think there are so many restaurants on a small island. Macau people have a culture that emphasizes eating rather than home and home. So can you relax in a trip from Hong Kong to Macau?

Indeed, the verse of 『Gourmet Praise』 is a situation in the 1970s, so I want to drink. China’s Guangdong dish is also excellent. The only restaurant with three Michelin stars in Shanghai was also a specialty restaurant. China, Hong Kong, and Macau are similar but different charms. (*)

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