“I was sorry yesterday, Anna. ]

Yesterday was Princess Anna, who participated in the weekly SPA’s poker beauty’s strongest battle on YouTube.

Her friend Mao Akutsu was with her.

First, the distribution started was 55 minutes late.

This eliminates the appeal time of the first half of the break. I’m working as a talent, and it’s a damage that I don’t say this.

Equipment troubles are not their responsibility.

The tournament where Princess Anna participated before was also delayed due to trouble for about an hour. In this case, poker always gives the impression that distribution is delayed. The number of people who watch will decrease significantly. In this case, it is not possible to catch up with mahjong as a distribution content forever.

It doesn’t make any sense if the people who are out are not broadcast even if they are broadcast.

However, the tournament itself began with a stuffy development in the first half, and it became very wonderful.

I think the management side must thank them and the MCs.

Princess Anna in the first half was worth studying and had a lot of play praised by the commentators.

In particular, when the time of the confrontation with Mr. Hashimoto at around 42:00, it was particularly nice to see Mr. Hashimoto’s reluctance, use a bluff, attack and go down. think. The commentary also said it was a wonderful play. It is definitely the result of studying.

I think that the play of a large number of people like the first half of the game is more likely to gain ability. I felt that the balance between certain play and bold play was very important.

Such the first half was over in that position.

I got the second most spacha, so I decided to challenge the second half with a medium chip.

I don’t know because I have never experienced the game by being spacious by people, but I thought it was a little good.

Some people may have an objection to these rules, but this is a tournament that celebrities do. What is it?

If you don’t like it, you have to participate, and I think you should look at it.

Mao Akutsu, a friend of Anna Princess, was not blessed with a good hand and had a low game participation rate and lost so much without a show. disappointing.

And I became the three of Anna Princess, Chika Mizuki, and Sina Tatsumi.

From here on, luck elements are quite important due to the character of poker games.

In the scene where Tatsumi was sinking greatly, Tatsumi won without falling anything. From here, the development has changed significantly.

And the division of the game. It is 1:55.

Princess Anna lost without a hit in the all -in -line confrontation. It was a long time since I was three, and I had a good battle, but I didn’t have any more luck.

Princess Anna, who is called to the commentary seat.

I have had some fighting experience with Mizuki, and I said somehow, but it seems that Tatsumi was hard to read.

Princess Anna who blesses Tatsumi’s victory.

Congratulations Tatsumi Sina.

It was Princess Anna who finished third, or there were good play everywhere. I think the results of study are definitely coming out. The commentators also said,

I think Princess Anna is a slightly defensive orthodox player. Well, I’m saying it’s great, but I’ve only played games.

Princess Anna always remains in the last three people.

I think it’s very good to pass the messy place in the first half.

After that, I think that winning play will be a challenge for study in the future.

So, it is a proposal. Let’s do mahjong.

Hey, again, stupid.

wrong. The last battle is a lot of luck, but reading is very important.

Brough to the other party.

Read the opponent’s bill and bluff.

This is important. Mahjong is the best for this.

Many mahjong professionals also do poker.

Both strong people are strong. This is a fact many times, but it is a fact.

Now, Masato Horiuchi, who is on an overseas expedition, was also quite strong with a former mahjong professional.

If you search for a mahjong pro poker strong on the net, it will come out in various ways.

I can teach the basics of mahjong.

If you do it at the event, I will be happy to tell you.

A book for beginners written by Mr. Uchikawa of Sakura Nights was also presented before.

In other words, you can get the money and get the basics of mahjong. Good idea.

I heard everyone saying, “Hey, Bakarangagi just wants to meet Princess Anna.” That’s right. However, many talents have become professionals, and there are now few female talents who can make mahjongs.

It’s a chance. You can get a lot on TV and distribution.

Princess Anna, I wrote a plug with the title of the road to the top Paqueen, but that’s right. Both regular Yui Asaka and model Aiku Maikawa are also professional.

Let’s do our best in this gap.

Absolutely has a positive effect on 바카라 poker.

Well, I wrote a lot, but everyone who participated with Princess Anna and Mao -chan was thankful.

Finally, please stop equipment trouble.

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