[Longevity celebration] Thorough explanation of eight types of reading and meaning from the 60th birthday to Hyakushi! 24 recommended gifts that remain

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On Saturday (if I can write), I write a hotel repo

Today I’m going to write a Bally’s repo in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is located in New Jersey, eastern United States, and can be taken by bus from New York in two and a half hours

Atlantic City is called the Atlantic City in the west Las Vegas East, but atlantic City faces the Atlantic, as the name suggests, compared to Vegas in the desert.

The board walk along the sea is also very pleasant and I personally love the city

When I went in the summer, it was crowded until midnight

When I went in February, I was lonely because nobody was in the cold, so I want to choose the time.

By the way, there is a restaurant for Guy Fieri (Guy Fieri) in Las Vegas.

Gaifierry is a famous chef from the food network on the TV station.

I saw a restaurant signboard in various places

Also in the room key

At this time, I had never been to Gaifieri, Vegas, so I definitely wanted to go to Atlantic City.

Bally’s lobby is gorgeous

However, the elevator is sober

Gaifierry is on the 6th floor.


The official name is GUY FIERI’S CHOPHOUSE.

Immediately, inside.

Because it is the 6th floor, it is not too expensive or too low, and you can see the scenery at the height of the eyes.

The Japanese are overwhelmingly less than Vegas.

Or rather, I never saw it during my stay.

The menu is 🐂

Nafkin is 🐟

First of all, a regular diet cork.

Favorite Caesar Salad 🥗

Culton is huge

Gyefieri’s dishes are famous for big 솔레어카지노 potions

Sometimes it was the timing between lunch and dinner (snack 💦), but more than that, I can’t order this volumey dish.

At this time, it is one of the happy memories to be able to go to Vegas and go to Zo, which is absolutely large, and to be able to go with seven people, including the American couple four years later.

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