“ND Roadster Suspension Setup Alenting Road ☺️”

After installation, we will perform a spring, a provisional alignment, a spring, a damper break -in and test run. In this run, we will start running from a slow speed so that the damper is moved smoothly.

This will also test whether the dampper’s movement is made of the target.

If you run to 바카라 some extent, the ride will be slightly lowered and the height will drop a little. When the vehicle height drops, the alignment will change, and the vehicle height will be settled down by running in. Test on the circuit if necessary. If you are commuting, you will test in urban areas, expressways, etc. This time, it is a mini circuit -Suzuka Full Course setting, so testing is tested, but is the car bent while stepping on the throttle at about 60-70 % speed? Isn’t braking a strange movement? It is a test that feels something. I adjust it in consideration of the movement of the car while the set, the prediction of the movement on the circuit, etc.

Furthermore, it was difficult to see the light because the light was low during the night driving, so the optical axis was adjusted.

Now you can see it well at night.

Considering the running on the circuit, this time we focused on camber, we matched casters and toe.

KONI harmonic drive 12K/8K short stroke corsas specy circuit, so it bounces a little in the gap of city riding rather than street specifications, but if you adjust the damping, it is a good ride on the street.

Go to the circuit by self -propelled and give out time

Good setup has been completed 👍 👍

I’m looking forward to the impression of the owner.

Mail george.n@jupiter-net.com

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