“[Note] Instagram beauty Onkazi lectures are full of fraud! [I can’t make money]]

This time, I will explain the on -casual lecture of Instagram beauty.

An incredible beautiful woman says, “I will teach you how to win in Baccarat.”

“Eh? You should make money as a model? You’re really cute and married.”

To conclude, most of the Instagram beauty of on -caddy lectures …


is. Knowing this fact, you may be over the screen of the lacrimal glands. I understand my feelings. 。 。 。

Let’s expose the cruel reality.

If you google, somehow a beautiful woman will lecture on the onkaji … There are many accounts

Features of fraudulent scams on scams to avoid being deceived

Immediately, if you investigate pages and SNS accounts that are lectures on Onkaji

For some reason, Wonderland is where overwhelming beauty teaches how to win with WW on Kaji.

There was such a dream world there www

terrible! Really full of beautiful women

As you can see in the profile, beautiful women like models are trying to lecture on the onkadi.

No, it’s really cute. If she is such a girlfriend, the Pario will contribute www

cuteness is justice. No, I say that personality is important, but after all, it is an element of appearance, smell, voice, and such elements. (If you are 25 years old, all men are old, so it can’t be helped)

But they are really cute.

They gently lecture on how to change their lives in Kaji, so many boys are pleased. However, the contents are uncles www

For some reason everyone is conscious girls’ mystery

It’s so cute, but I’m very conscious.

And why? It creates an Instagram account and preaches the importance of acting for ordinary people.

“It’s just an excuse to be busy. Time is made.”

Everyone has a spirit like the president of a venture company. 。 。

Perfect women with cute and venture spirit.

(*´Д `) Huh ~ If the contents were not uncles, it was the best, but www

Why! ? Everyone lectures on how to make money

Such beautiful women will lecture on the strongest methods that you have created, regardless of whether you are pretending.

I don’t have a masculinity to lecture everything without hiding.

If you have an overwhelming margin in your life with 1 billion, I think about social contributions.

In other words, those sisters have overwhelming room for their lives …! ? (; ・ `Д ・ ´)

Are all of those sisters 카지노 earned with on -kaji, so are you full of service?

Well, the rank as a human is different from me! really like! get married! Nun!

Instagram beauty on casual lecture is fraud

Characteristics of on -caddy lectures

By the way, it is a farce until the previous ww From here I will cut into the darkness of the on -casual lecture in earnest. The continuation is written in detail in this article! If you have time, please enjoy it!

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On the morning of December 24, 2019, I woke up earlier than I thought. Even though I fell asleep late at night, I was tired last night. The breakfast in an unfamiliar destination starts with the passion to explore a new place. Macau travel is only 4 nights and 5 days. Heart is in a hurry. Travel information is full on the Internet and light is light. We went to a Banana from the market the day before, and we started walking from the accommodation and walking in a new morning.

The mall is still closed early in the morning. There are a lot of motorcycles and bicycles, and everyone looks busy going to work. Those who go to work everywhere in the world feel similar. The morning temperature is 19 degrees, slightly cloudy sky and 70-80% humidity. Even in winter, it is hot during the day and sweat on your back when you walk for a long time. For us who have been trembling in the cold winter, the weather may have felt much warmer than that number. If the humidity is so high, you will feel damply, but the wind is cool and rather cool. Walking on the street you can see a lot of tourists from Korea. Most of them are busy taking selfies without hiding the excitement of the destination.

After a day, the Chinese signs began to ripen. Remember the Chinese characters you learned as a child and combine them. I feel like my trip is already getting used to it. As most cities in the world, Macau has a different impression of night and day. Last night, the city of casino, which shined with a glamorous golden light, was changed early in the morning and turned into a busy tourist city. I drank the busy morning air and looked around the historical site from the hostel and walked north to the north.

Walking on the street, it smells like a unique fragrance somewhere. When walking in Macau, it was the temple that was often encountered in the old cathedral alleys, the old cathedral alleys, and the large road near the government office. Even outside the door, red walls, colorful decorations, and numerous kinds of scents are eye -catching. It is not common in our country, so I stopped and snooped. In front of the temple, a woman who looks quiet in front of the temple, who is sweeping the road with her tall broom, and seeing me as you see me. He hesitated, but was led by her favor and entered the temple. The morning sun shines in the indoors full of red light. In the dark smell, strangers were looking at me. I just entered a few steps inside the shrine, but I can’t hear the noisy cars outside the door. Instead, as with any religion, I felt the hope, faith, and godliness that I could reach God sincerely.

It was in 1557 that the Macau Peninsula was even in the special area of ​​the Portuguese. (It is 35 years ahead of Imjin Warran, which happened in 1592.) In 1680, the governor was dispatched, and in 1849 Portugal declared Macau as a free trade port, occupied the entire territory of Macau, and in 1887, China-Portugal Treaty Treaty signed a Treaty of China-Portugal Treaty. It was formally permanently in Portugal. Since it was Portuguese until it was returned to China in 1999, the ruins remained everywhere. Ruins are distinguished from modern buildings at a glance. In the bright pastel tone, neoclassical buildings stand on the colorful stone and show off their beauty. Pastel pink, yellow, and mint, which seemed to be rustic if they were used in the building, are harmoniously harmonized to make the eyes entertain. It is because of Christmas Eve, and around Senadu Square, where the ruins are gathered, are overflowing with tourists. When I go to Myeong -dong during Christmas, I feel like I’m swept away by people. In the meantime, I felt that I came to a famous tourist destination while looking at those who stood in and taking a commemorative photo. Perhaps it was the Temple (A-MA) who walked on the road from Senado Square. Perhaps it means the guardian deity of the sea that protects the sailors, which is the oldest building and the oldest temple in Macau. Literally, people who made wishes were phosphate.

The bus passes through the ground with the smell of the smell. But the bus number is ‘MT4’. It’s a familiar number, so I thought about where you saw it. When I just arrived at Macau Airport, I couldn’t find a shuttle bus to the hotel hotel, so I asked a woman working at the airport. At that time, the aunt wrote, ‘MT4’ was the name of the bus line. I don’t know what it means at that time.

Senadu Square in Christmas

As I wrote in the travel book, I walked around the ruins one by one and arrived at the traditional market. This place is also crowded with people. Suddenly, after lunch time, there are many people in one of them. Perhaps it’s a restaurant, so we decided to have lunch there. There are various foods at the entrance of the store, and the owner’s pocket spreads the rice on a large plate and picks up the things that the guest wants from the many side dishes. We also stand in line and wait for the turn. I was eating food, so I was worried before I went to the restaurant. Duck meat, lamb and spices are not eaten. In my worries, “If you can’t eat, give me. I can eat everything.” He shouted loudly. By my turn, I pointed to what it looks like chicken. That alone was anxious and shouted “Chicken! Chicken”. The aunt raised a lot of boiled chicken and fried chicken dishes as if they were understanding me. It was L who was standing right behind me. Pointing to the dishes you want to eat

“This one, this one, this one” I counted one by one, but the aunt, who had picked up too many kinds, stopped his hand 바카라사이트 and in a strict voice “No!” He said. Even after receiving a plate of food like a mountain, L wanted to try something else. Macau food, on the other hand, did not fit my mouth. So every time I eat food, I thought of Tteokbokki. What I liked most in Macau was a car before meals. It is a very hot car that is so hot that you can feel tired even if you drink a cup of tea. After eating hot tea, we headed to the next place.

People who are loving to buy Egg Tart, a specialty of Macau.

There is St. Paul’s Cathedral in the stairs. Standing at the cathedral on the hill, you can see Macau city at a glance. What did the old Portuguese stand on this staircase? What did the Chinese who lived here think about them? It seems that the St. Paul’s cathedral, who is quietly standing, will whisper how many stories they have had in this place where culture and culture met and the world and the world met.