“Repair after practice”

(No Д ゚) Good morning Shiba -chan.

Today is a tiger model and it is a race

Before that, I changed the weight and changed the suspension aluminum and attached an aluminum damper, so I practiced and practiced how to run.

The key is how much you can test with 2 바카라 hours and 3 batteries in practice.

Even though it was three consecutive holidays, I thought that people would be full, but there were about eight people.

The damper stay was replaced with the previous TN racing, but the front is well -bent, so it was amazing to turn to the quick rear.

TRF418 I thought it would be too bent in the suspension arm

Returned to the kit standard. “It seems to be used for TB Evo 4”

As I ran, I had a strong impression of TN racing damper stay, so the front was bent even on the kit standard, and the rear was quick.

In one corner, the rear was likely to wind and the spinning part matched, so I was able to hold one maximum position of the front damper and hold the rear slightly.

After that, he drives with a half throttle, pulling out the accelerator to the end. “It’s difficult to make it”

I finished running safely, but I will repair and change only one.

The first \ Yabe / is the length of the end ball screw attached to his front suspension arm, so it has become so loose to loosen it (‘・ ω ・ `).

The screw tightening is restored when the instant adhesive is applied so that the surface is applied to the surface thinly in the hole.

If you do not revive, it is easy to replace the suspension arm with a new one, but it will be difficult to process it.

I bought a short pillow ball nut for this TRF damper because there was no good screw.

The good point is that the pillow ball nut can be removed with the ball because it can be removed with the ball.

However, a hexagon driver 3mm is required.

The hardest thing is that he needs his spacer to attach his ball nuts to fit the pillow ball nut.

It is no good that the screws are too short or too long.

There is no just right for the rear screws, so there is no gap. “I have to buy an Imon screw before driving.”

By the way, around TA08 / TRF420, TT02 is difficult because it is designed to be attached without adding a spacer properly.

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